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  • Ugg Kids Bailey Bow magas csizma Gesztenye Suede 1007309 ÚJ 46480

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    Állapot: Az új doboz:Az eredeti csomagolásban (például az eredeti dobozban vagy táskában) és / vagy az eredeti címkékkel egy teljesen új, fel nem használt és fel nem használt elem (beleértve a kézzel készített tárgyakat is)...Stílus:Csizma


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  • Ugg Kids Bailey Bow magas csizma Gesztenye Suede 1007309 ÚJ

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  • Tired of those junky, cheap brass or plastic address numbers? Frustrated with paying high prices for those fancy pants metal address numbers? Are you in desperate need of an “Extreme Address Number Makeover”? Then consider using exciting modern house address numbers hand cast in concrete to add style to your home or business address. These affordable, cool, modern, hip house numbers are one inch thick concrete numbers with ground and polished finishes. They come in a wide variety of colors and terrazzo surface effects. They are sealed to protect from the elements so they’ll last forever and are easy and simple to install.

    Because Concrete Digits are 1 ” thick, they add DEPTH and stand out better than other house/office numbers – they won’t be anything like anyone has ever seen before. People will easily see your address when you use Concrete Digits !

    The modern address house numbers range from about 4 – 5″ high and are of comparable size to house/address numbers on the market today. As well, concrete costs a lot less than metal, so the cost for a set of numbers for any address is very affordable to all! Check out the product selection under the FONTS MENU, pick a font, pick your address numbers, choose what color and finish you want and upgrade the look to your home / office!

    Our concrete digits come in a variety of colors and can be ordered in either exposed aggregate or sand finish (and now come in brilliant white as a color option!):

    Stílus # 1007309 K / 1007309 Y. UGG Ausztrália.Gyerekek &Ifjúsági Bailey Bow magas csizma.Gesztenye suede.Új dobozban!Elkötelezettek vagyunk abban, hogy teljes mértékben elégedettek vagyunk a rendelésével!!